I would say, close resemblance.

But, with asian girl problems.



role play

♀ Playing to win :)


I love the look deffently sticking with it.


Some very good points are raised in this article, and anyone who’s serious about finding and engaging a dominant woman would do well to remember some of them. Of course, not every dominant woman  will have the same expectations or be impressed by the same things, which is why the sub needs to put in the time and effort to learn about the woman he wants to serve.

After all, submissives are a dime a dozen and are always looking for a Domme who will fulfill their needs, so we can afford to be extremely selective when it comes to deciding who makes the cut…so to speak.


Where You lead, I will follow
Anywhere that You tell me to
If You need, You need me to be with You
I will follow where You lead.

 ♪ with apologies to Carole King who probably never envisioned her lyrics quite this way.

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