"Eat my pet…EAT…let my royal ass, consume your head further so you can eat more."


"Lick the soles too…"

"Say Cheese, my maid."

"No talking, just lick"

"Yes…good…keep licking…"

"I will look dazzling, You continue to worship my boots…you’re not even done with the bottom of my left heel."

"Keep cleaning and kissing slave..you’re not done yet."

"Now keep your mouth and eyes shut. Don’t worry about what I’M going to do…worry about where its going to hurt. ¬†Or WILL it hurt? You are about to find out. "

"Aw, whats the matter pet? You want to crawl out for some air? Too bad, you have enough in there."

(Source: ro0k1)


Get that stupid grin off your face and lick it!

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