"Now lets see how well we can open up this piece of shit you call an ass, don’t worry…it wont hurt…AT FIRST."

"Come here pet….time to suffer punishment"

"I need to sit down…stay still please."

(Source: ddisquisitionn)

"Good good…now come along pet."

"Now, you truly look ready to serve me. ¬†Look at you…mindset to submissive, helpless, obedient, scared, under my mercy…I love it."

"Say cheese, pet. Oh wait you can’t, I am covering your disgusting face, oh well let your body be your face to show how pathetic it is."

*Yanks* Now you pathetic piece of shit…BEG for me…beg to worship me.”

"Stay down…I want to try something…because your back feels like a nice piece of furniture."¬†

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